The cafeteria is full in the world, but at this moment it is not found anywhere.
Located in the house Patiño {built at the end of 1800} a few blocks from the Plaza Murillo in La Paz, Bolivia is a newborn cafe #NEWBIE:
Second cafeteria created by the Hermanos de Hierro {their first coffee shop is The Writers Coffee: a small but BEAUTIFUL place inside a bookstore that has the same quality of service and product as BRONZE}.
My first impression when entering BRONZE was the decoration with the bronze objects that gives honor to the name and the lighting. The menu is varied {I could say that the cafeteria part is similar to the Writer’s Café + a new selection of snacks + food + bar} and the price-quality ratio is excellent.

After having spent the whole afternoon in BRONZE (6 hours LITERAL & could have run out of trouble) I can say that your:

COFFEE 1000/10:

A good coffee lover will know that he has found a JEWEL stuck in the heart of La Paz with the first sip of coffee # CalidadDeCafé. Use a different brand of Bolivian coffee every season #AltitudeSelection {supporting Bolivian production highlighting the quality of coffee we have #CONSUMELONUESTRO}. They took into account the different tastes and preferences of the client, so they have a GREAT variety of international preparation techniques such as Dripper V60, AeroPress, Chemex, Fretta, Vietnamese, Siphon and Cold Brew.

For my part I always ask the same (from my first day in TheWriter’s Café) A LATTE MACCHIATO {Espresso, textured milk and frothed milk} which is the perfect size #GIGANTE. After I ordered a CAPPUCCINO CARAMEL & a LATTE, all 3 are UNSUITABLE.
The concept and decoration is SPECTACULAR. It is cozy and rustic; You find yourself in a place surrounded by bronze antiques (sewing machines, writing, bedsposts) that give a unique identity to the place.
KIND is small, EXCELLENT is little. I was like 6 hours or more in the cafe & every minute I felt at home {warm atmosphere}, they did not push me to bring me the account {despite having an event at night and was in full preparation}. It is run by people who take the coffee business very, VERY seriously; The baristas explain why each flavor, each technique and move you to the story behind #MEENCANTO.

PASTRY 10/10:

The sinful part of the coffees is the pastry shop, temptations to which you can not deny yourself. I could not say which is my favorite cake {chocolate or carrot} because BOTH are my FAV {everything is EXQUISITE in this place}.
For my luck I was able to attend the event they had. It was the presentation of Café GEISHA #EspecialtyCoffee {one of the most coveted grains in the world}; cultivated by AGRICAFE BOLIVIA coffee BUENA VISTA in Samaipata, Bolivia. It was a privilege in this original Ethiopian café. An exclusive and really different coffee {clear, little body, with citrus and floral notes} a WONDERFUL experience accompanied by food and AFROBOLIVIAN SAYA.
In the event I could enjoy BRONZE piqueos. It was a mini version of their dishes, which highlighted the use of the typical Patagonian ingredients (Charca and Salame de Llama, Rock Cheese of Illimani, Ispis, Quinua, Hummus of Haba) giving the piqueos a Bolivian touch #ExcellentPropuesta.
& good for the non-caffeineans have VERY GOOD infusions.
If you love coffee, this is a place you can not miss #MUST. A place that is worth visiting.

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